PP rainwater harvesting module: new rainwater harvesting technology to alleviate water crisis


PP rainwater harvesting module - new rainwater harvesting technology to alleviate the water crisis. Compared with traditional resources, rainwater harvesting has multiple functions: green environmental protection and energy conservation, which is conducive to water conservation, alleviating water crisis; increasing groundwater through infiltration, improving ecological environment; reducing and slowing rainwater drainage, and reducing urban stormwater disasters. The use of building rainwater is to collect, intercept, store and treat the rainwater in the water circulation by natural terrain or artificial methods for daily use in buildings and communities. The combination of rainwater harvesting technology and residential construction will largely change our life due to the depletion of water resources.
    The PP rainwater module has the following characteristics: The rainwater collection tank is composed of multiple rainwater collection modules.
    1 Large capacity: PP rainwater module is designed with standard modules and can be designed into various shapes and sizes according to the project. It fundamentally changes many problems such as settlement, cracking and leakage of conventional pools.
    2, rainwater collection is simple and quick: PP rainwater module can collect rainwater from roofs, gardens, lawns, paved areas and driveways, increasing water storage and water supply capacity. It has a 95% water storage void ratio and a compressive strength of over 6 tons.
    3, save time and effort; PP rainwater module does not require tools to quickly assemble, greatly reducing the use of construction machinery and construction strength. Installed in the ground, it can be set on the green, road, square, parking lot, sports ground as needed, does not occupy the ground space, and will not affect the landscape effect.
    4 Water storage capacity: After the rainwater enters the rainwater PP module, it is discarded and filtered. The water in the module is kept under the optimal conditions and there is enough space for aerobic activities. This prevents anaerobic bacteria that affect water quality due to stagnant rain.
    5, environmentally friendly products: 100% recyclable materials (polypropylene) manufacturing, safe and pollution-free.
    6. Garden Reservoir: PP rainwater module can create a maintenance-free storage reservoir, collecting rainwater continuously throughout the year, providing a large amount of water for landscaping irrigation. Compared with traditional watering methods, it can save a lot of money every year.
PP rainwater harvesting module

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