Building Top Green Refreshing Air Value


Building "Top" Green Refreshing Air Value - Green Roofs, Vertical Greening, Rebuilding Greens in Luxi New City

    "Let the city be in nature and keep the green hills to the urban residents."

    Xixian New District continues to make new progress in the innovative urban development model. The first green roof and vertical greening pioneered in the West Anhui New City attracted attention in the whole province.

    On the 14th, the reporter went to the Economic Park of the headquarters of the new city of Luxi. Under the leadership of the landscape garden staff Li Ru, he boarded the roof of the No. 7 Building.

    Shown in front of the reporter is a comfortable rural scenery, green word in the green, green. Along the roof of the building is a variety of green plants, which can not only maximize greening, but also ensure human safety. The circle is divided into different areas, including an orchard made up of apples, alfalfa and other plants; there are also vegetable gardens made of leeks, daylilies, etc. There is also a small pool of rainwater. There is also a wooden platform on the east side. There are several chairs near a table for people to enjoy.

    Li Ru introduced that this is a rooftop greening project carried out by their company. This project combines the construction concept of a sponge city in the west of the city of Xian. The roof is first made with 5 layers of protective treatment, a plastic film waterproof layer, an insulating brick, and then shop protection. Mats, plus storage and drainage boards, and finally soiled. In addition, it is necessary to build a “water circulation system” model in which rainwater is collected and the irrigation system is used to ferment deciduous and smashed leaves into fertilizer and then irrigated. Now, the irrigation of flowers, trees, and greens on the roof of the No. 7 building is irrigated with water collected on rainy days.

    On the roofs of No. 8 Building and No. 10 Building of the headquarters of the Economic Development Park in the west of the capital of Qianxi City, greening was also performed in the same way.

    Walking in the Headquarters Economic Park, you will find that all the plants on the outer wall of the building have plants such as creepers growing rapidly and trying to green the walls. According to the person in charge of the landscape garden, Mr. Chen surnamed, the greening of the wall is the vertical greening. Planting is climbing plants such as ivy creepers, garden mites, woody facies, and karst stones. Now, they have also developed exotic varieties of clams that are cheap and attractive. Plus base soil, suitable for vertical greening.

    Zhang Qiang, a staff member of the project management department of the Greening Project Development and Construction (Group) Co., Ltd., told the reporter that the overall idea of ecological construction in the west of the new city in the west of Fujian is to integrate the spatial scale and dimensions and construct a five-tier greening system. The promotion of roof greening and vertical greening to increase the green volume in space is one of the important items. Vertical greening is not only a form of greening for decoration and beautification of buildings, but also can reduce the temperature and increase humidity, and plays an effective role in climate regulation. The vertical green building wall in summer can reduce the temperature of the external surface of the building by 5~8°C lower than the ambient temperature, the indoor temperature is 2~4°C lower than the ambient temperature, and the relative humidity increases by 8~10%, which is known as "natural air conditioning. Device." In addition, it can also reduce noise and dust. It has been found that buildings with vertical greening have reduced their indoor noise by about 25%, and they have been effective in purifying air and reducing PM2.5. Roof greening is an important influence facility for the construction of a sponge city. The traditional roofs adopt the fast-arrangement rainwater treatment method. The green roof can fully absorb the rainwater from the soil medium and the plant roots, reduce the amount of runoff water, control the runoff pollution, achieve the retention of rainwater, and displace peak load without changing the original drainage path. the goal of.
    It is understood that about 33 kilometers of vertical greening has been carried out in the areas of the New Jersey City Headquarters Economic Park, the West Valley of hard technology towns, Tongdehuangchuang apartments and public service buildings, and 13 green roofs have been implemented. Currently under construction in the second phase of the West Yungu, the new resettlement community, the new city has been included in the plan will continue to implement the vertical greening and roof greening. In the next step, Xinxi New City will promote the implementation of vertical greening and roof greening on a wider scale.

    Photo caption: Greenery landscape on the 7th floor of the headquarters of the New Economic Development Headquarters in West Fujian and the west of Yungu. No. 7 building top green map. Vertical greening landscape.

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