Vertical Greening Plant Container


Vertical greening planting container, adopts ABS glass fiber reinforced engineering plastic with one-time injection molding. With features of high intensity, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, non-deformation, etc., the artistic and unique design philosophy makes it has easy and convenient, flexible and diverse composite mode. It can be formed into cylinder-shape, pyramid, inverted cone, waist-full form and slotted, etc. which is widely used in wall greening, light beacon greening, tree pool greening, square greening, fence greening, villa area parapet wall, living quarter landscaping, festival and ceremony, etc.  Comprehensive storage/drainage ventilation function will ensure the plant roots not rotten and timely provide the necessary water and oxygen for the plants, which can make them flourishing and extending flower season with no need to irrigate every day and save a great number of labor power and material resources. 

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